Jonathan Jeremiah

Director: Sylvain Leduc, Thierry Gautier
Genre: Live Show


Jonathan Jeremiah presents his new album Horsepower For The Streets to the Ground Control audience. A concert that will delight fans of folk and soul.

If Jonathan Jeremiah grew up under the capricious British sky, his music is full of sun. Navigating between soul and folk, the musician shines by the lyricism and the warmth of his writing. Between deep lyrics and groovy compositions, Jonathan Jeremiah has nothing to envy to the great American folk musicians.

At the time of writing, Jonathan Jeremiah has released four albums: A Solitary Man (2011), Gold Dust (2012), Oh Desire (2015) and Good Day (2018). In September 2022, a fifth album will crown this discography started more than ten years ago: Horsepower For The Streets. It is precisely with the inhabited folk of this fifth opus that the songwriter bewitches the Ground Control audience. Let yourself be caught up in it!

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