Year: 2022
Director: Gautier&Leduc
Genre: Live Show


French Touch fans know all about JB Dunckel’s exciting solo career over the last few years. The artist first launched his career with the Darkel and Starwalker projects, before starting to create under his own name in 2018. That’s when H+ was born, an optimistic and dreamy album illustrating the range of possibilities offered by transhumanism.

A year later, JB Dunckel collaborated with Jonathan Fitoussi (an electronic music composer) to deliver Mirages, an instrumental and ambient ode to the synthesiser. In addition to these 100% musical projects, JB Dunckel has also composed for the cinema, writing the soundtracks for the films Eté 85 and Poissonsexe, as well as the documentary Spatial.

Keen to take the immersive and the narrative further, JB Dunckel continues to explore all the possibilities of sound. The result is Carbon, an album released in the summer of 2022, each track of which is the soundtrack to an imaginary film – a mix of Japanese influences, capitalist dystopia and zombie invasion.

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