Jana Woodstock

Year: 2023
Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


Jana Woodstock represents the Ukrainian techno scene at Nuits Sonores! A set filmed during the day at La Sucrière, mixing indus, techno and electro.

Jana Woodstock is originally from Kiev, but now lives in Berlin. An up-and-coming DJ, the young woman shines through her eclecticism: her universe is at once dark, brutal and groovy. This balancing act is made possible by an impressive blend of genres, with Jana Woodstock navigating between techno, electro and industrial music.

Quite the hard-working type, the DJ has already made audiences dance at Osnova and Arsenal XXII in Kiev, Macadam in Nantes, Trésor in Berlin, parties organized by Mixmag and the Champ Libre label in Paris, Boiler Room… It’s at Nuits Sonores that our path crosses that of Jana Woodstock. And since there’s no time to dance, the Ukrainian musician took us on board for a set in the middle of the afternoon.

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