Hamilton de Holanda trio

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“A president deposed for corruption, a soccer team eliminated from the Copa America, and the Olympic Games that, despite the approaching deadline, do not seem to be ready at all… It is clear that in 2016, Brazil sees its symbols of success sinking one after the other.
 But, of this cultural radiation Brazilian in half-mast emanates a ray of hope which seems inexhaustible: the music. And among the main sources of this light, the one that the Americans call “the Jimi Hendrix of Bandolim”: Hamilton de Holanda. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, our man revolutionized the instrument, and by extension the genre that is his own: the choro. A genre to which he does not confine himself nevertheless it is in the bossa-nova, the rock or the samba that de Holanda draws a part of his inspiration.
 His latest album, Samba de Chico, which he presents to us, accompanied by two companions, on the magnificent stage of the Festival Jazz à Porquerolles, is a testimony to this.

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