Gabriel Sullivan

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Tucson has probably discovered one of his finest nuggets, bright as gold. Gabriel Sullivan grew up listening to his parents’ albums (Hank WIlliams, Howling Wolf or Al Green). He sings very low in the bass, toward the darkness like Nick Cave. This young man lives and sings about the southern United States as a Gringo fed by the blazing sun of the Sonoran Desert.
Gabriel Sullivan made his debut in the punk scene in Tucson. But his musical creativity quickly leads him to explore new sounds. During his musical experiences and his research, he discovered fascinating parallels between the Mexican music “conjunto” of his hometown and the Gypsy songs of people in Romania. The rhythms are frenzied, melodies are low and performances are both classy and wild. Although Sullivan is one of the most media-covered Tucson musicians, he plays guitar, drums, and keyboard regularly with half a dozen bands.
Self-produced like his previous albums, Gabriel Sullivan made the connection in his latest work between Balkan music, his influences in Rock, Mexican and South American music for an explosive mix of Cumbia & Western Songs. A project that he will defend solo in 2013.
Sponsored by Joey Brown, his albums are recorded in WaveLab, famous recording studio in Down-Town Tucson, known for recording albums of Calexico.

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