Eténèsh Wassie + Remix

Director: Guillaume Déro, Stéphane Jourdain
Genre: Live Show


Eténèsh Wassié and Mathieu Sourisseau have shared a natural complicity straightaway, as they were partners in the Ethio-Experience work led by Le Tigre des Platanes. Their meeting has inspired an intimist music style which mixes voice and acoustic bass and freely fills up space to transport the listeners to a newly discovered dimension. The Duo plays a contained, self controled music, makes fun of the gap between genres, and breaks the codes of the traditional songs chosen by Eténèsh Wassié, who was fed on Azmari culture, and whose open-mind and experience show of a successful artistic risk-taking. The Ethiopian repertoire is arranged in order to obtain pop, rock and even punk melodies, and this original difference creates the essence of their music. Eténèsh’s wild and secretive voice takes us into a rare universe. Mathieu Sourisseau’s performance has always been inspired by very varied influences: from Mingus jazz to Tom Waits, from Sonic Youth to the Niger riverbanks and to the magnificent discs collection “Ethiopics”. This partnership results in a strong identity, mixing cultures and changing rules. Eténèsh Wassié picks songs with a new outlook. The singer, of Azmari culture, shows her open mindedness and experience through her successful artistic boldness. The duet’s music is reserved, restrained; yet, it teases the senses by its unorthodox arrangements and shakes the rules of those popular songs.

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