Enola Gay – Echoes With Jehnny Beth

Year: 2023
Director: Antoine Carlier
Genre: Live Show


Straddling the line between punk and spoken words, Ireland’s Enolay Gay go wild on Echoes with Jehnny Beth. An explosive encounter with their first two EPs: Gransha and Casement.

Enola Gay is many things: the American bomber who dropped the Little Boy bomb on Hiroshima, one of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s greatest hits, and an angry punk band from Ireland. As Echoes With Jehnny Beth is the name of the game, it’s the latter that interests us here.

Formed in Belfast in 2019, Enola Gay is a meeting of four musicians with a lot on their minds. Embracing the Anglo-Saxon tradition of song and protest, the quartet use their position to get their message across. This commitment gave rise to Birth of a Nation, an anti-racist slur written in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Already renowned for her explosive live performances, Enola Gay rages through tracks from the Gransha and Casement EPs on Echoes With Jehnny Beth. Watch out for your eardrums!

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