Emile Parisien Quartet

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Emile Parisien, born on October 12, 1982 in Cahors (Lot), is a soprano and alto saxophonist, musician and jazz composer.
 He entered at the age of eleven in the first class of the College of Jazz in Marciac, where he studied music with experienced musicians such as Pierre Boussaguet, Guy Lafitte and Christian “”Tonton”” Salut.
 Emile Parisien moved to Paris in 2000 and founded his own quartet with Julien Touery (piano), Ivan Gélugne (double bass), and Sylvain Darrifourcq (drums). With compositions inspired by Hector Berlioz, Igor Stravinsky, Arnold Schönberg, Richard Wagner, as well as John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter, this quartet gives an expressionist character to its music, where improvisation takes priority.
 Emile Parisien has performed in France and abroad with, among others, Michel Portal, Jacky Terrasson, Yaron Herman, Daniel Humair, Jean-Paul Céléa, Vincent Peirani, Joachim Kuhn, Stephane Kerecki, Hugo Carvalhais, John Taylor, Eric Serra, Paco Séry, Manu Codjia, Anne Paceo, Roberto Negro…
 “If he plays, he never has the conventional posture of saxophonists. He looks for the exact sound, the breath, the column of air, without traffic: on tiptoe, as Picasso painted, bent towards the microphone in the style of a crane, a heron, a pink flamingo or music to come, and he always produces the difference. The chorus that you don’t expect. The joy of the ball or the experience….Emile Parisien is the best news in European jazz in a long time.

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