Emile Parisien / Joachim Kühn Quintet “Transmeeting”

Director: Josselin Carré
Genre: Live Show


Very much in demand on the French and European scenes with multiple projects (his historic quartet, Peirani, Humair, Celea, Portal, Kerecki, Negro…), collector of all possible trophies (Talent Jazz Sacem, Jazz Migration, Jazz Primeur, Django Reinhardt prize, and finally Victoire du Jazz!), Emile Parisien, 33 years old, has just done more than 250 concerts in two years! Impressive, isn’t it? And moreover this dazzling bulimia of meetings and music (always with success!) does not prevent him from imagining new projects, such as building a trans-generational European quintet with the immense German pianist Joachim Kühn and the amazing young Portuguese drummer Mario Costa! Created in Marciac in 2015 and then at Jazz d’Or, this “Transmeeting” has thrilled the public: permanent inventiveness, superb new compositions or “covers”, and a 
 permanent inventiveness, superb new compositions or “covers” which find a beautiful freshness (“Hysm” or “Homeneous emotion” of Ornette!), inspired solos…. This project is a perfect success!

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