Don Pasquale

Director: Julien Condemine
Genre: Live Show


Opera Buffa
Libretto by Giovanni Ruffini
First performance on January 3, 1843 at the Théâtre Italien in Paris

As he himself acknowledges, Don Pasquale – an old grumpy man who may be a little ripe but is still well preserved – has strength and vigour to spare. This rich bachelor decided to get married late, but his nephew Ernesto and his young fiancée Norina will fool him into approving their union. At the crossroads of several eras, Donizetti triggered a sound cataclysm at the opening of Don Pasquale, provoking liberating laughter and emotion. For the last jewel of the Neapolitan buffa, whose title role plays some of the most hilarious parts of the repertoire, Donizetti writes a jewel of spirit and joy by bringing together an apparently light fashion and dramatic depth that are not unlike Feydeau’s best comedies.

New co-production Opera National Orchestra Montpellier Occitanie and Staatstheater Karlsruhe

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