Dominique A, Vivid memory

Director: Thomas Bartel
Genre: Documentary


In a twenty-year career, the question of the past seems to haunt Dominique A’s discography and texts. Since La Fossette (1992), work that scoured French song by its minimal and tinkered lyricism, until the deserved recognition for the ambitious Vers les lueurs (2012) at the Victoires de la Musique, Dominique A’s artistic career can be read as a true declaration of independence from the codes of French song. His autobiography Y revenir published the same year opened the doors of childhood and gave some biographical tracks. Exploring, in his company, key locations of an intimate geography, discovering him as he interprets his solo or group songs on stage, Dominique A, la mémoire vive advance down, digs in “the memory drawers” of the author to extract some salient elements of unparalleled musical singularity.

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