Crystal Murray

Year: 2022
Director: Xavier Reim
Genre: Live Show


Fall in love with the young and talented Crystal Murray at Rock en Seine 2022!

There is a saying that talent has no age and Crystal Murray is proof of that. The young woman, only 20 years old, is already making her mark with her offbeat style, her bewitching voice and her harmonious melodies. Initially a member of the feminist and fashion collective Gucci Gang, the singer and songwriter quickly decided to launch her solo career and became known by the general public thanks to her songs “Princess” and “After Ten”. In 2020, she offered her public her long-awaited first EP “I Was Wrong”, which included tracks that went viral such as “Easy Like Before”. Founder of the Spin Desire label, Crystal Murray grew up in a family where music was king and was fed with soul, funk and jazz of which she assimilates the codes and brings electro and trap touches in her tracks. With such a discography, it is possible that this artist full of genius is the best female hope of tomorrow.

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