Between Dogs and Wolves by Cirque Le Roux

Year: 2023
Director: Julien Condemine
Genre: Live Show


For the 2023 edition of its annual show, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche is more than ever keen to make people dream. The most daring of department stores has invited the famous circus company Cirque Le Roux to create an exclusive show, Entre Chiens et Louves ! In this historical epic, Cirque Le Roux retraces a world full of hope, of bodies that move, and offers a spotlight on the forgotten people who are just waiting to be reborn.
By following the journey of three characters with different temporalities, we will delve into the past for a prodigious excursion, going back to the present day, in order to talk about the collective memories from which we are all borrowed…
Which stick to our skin like a too-tight 1850s corset.
Which, as in 1960, revolt us, then emancipate us.
But which, today, continue to divide us. It is an introspection, a universal testimony to our human condition. The human being in all its richness, splendor, and absurdity.

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