Archie Shepp All Star – Tribute to John Coltrane

Director: Frank Cassenti
Genre: Live Show


In 1960, Archie Shepp attended a concert of John Coltrane at the Five Spot, legendary club of the Lower East Side. Fascinated, he quickly decided to devote himself to the tenor saxophone. Five years later, Shepp – already a staple of free jazz – finally recorded alongside his idol. The result, published in 1966, is called Ascension and still remains today a symbol of free improvisation. At the edge of the fiftieth anniversary of Coltrane’s death, gone at forty, the most Parisian of the New York avant-garde celebrates the legacy of the great composer of A Love Supreme with a dazzling French-American all-star who is reminiscent in some respects of the heretic Ascension orchestra. When a giant pays tribute to a god of jazz…

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