Aou Amwin «de toi à moi»

Director: Giuseppe De Vecchi
Genre: Live Show


Musician and poet, Danyel Waro is the recognized hero of Reunion Island, and its fervent spokesman! He is one of the central figures of Maloya, the blues of Reunion Island recently classified as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, which was the symbol of the independence movements from the 70s. This music is linked to the slavery and religious past of Madagascar and has remained a cathartic protest. Danyel Waro is faithful to the acoustic tradition of Maloya, which is for him “first the word”. His music blossoms through Creole, which he handles with finesse, but also through his traditional instruments that he makes himself. His music, deeply spiritual, mixes poetry and mysticism. For this proud “Creole bastard” as he defines himself, his music is an endless quest for identity.

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