Antonio Zambujo

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


Fado is the musical expression of a state of mind that the French language has not managed to synthesize into a single word. The Portuguese call it saudade. An infinite and yet domestic sadness, an intimate pain, almost comfortable. Like a very soft turn. 
 Softness is precisely the side of the fado that Antonio Zambujo chose to explore. Did he choose it, or was he forced by this angelic voice? This suave timbre that trots, with a lost look, on the supple lace that the clarinet and the cavaquinho trace.
 Claiming the traditional heritage of Amalia Rodrigues, Antonio Zambujo does not limit himself to the endless reproduction of a fixed gesture. It is the whole of the lusophone culture that he skillfully integrates into a fado that is as contemporary as possible, from Cape Verdean morna to Brazilian bossa nova.

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