Antonin Tri-Hoang

Year: 2016
Genre: Live Show

Antonin-Tri Hoang starts the classical clarinet at the age of nine and quickly veers towards jazz when he discovers swing in the years of 19301. His step-father, a rock guitarist and gypsy jazz enthusiast, encourages him early on to improvise. Antonin-Tri Hoang then learns the saxophone and the piano and dives into the history of jazz. Antonin-Tri Hoang does not belong to the category of artists who follow trends, his course illustrating his wants and expectations (Conservatory of Paris, O.N.J., duos with Benoît Delbecq or Ève Risser…). The reflexion he brings upon his art is as deep at it is engaged. “Improvising”, for him, is not a futile word and requires the highest level of mental and physical discipline.

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