Anika – Echoes With Jehnny Beth

Year: 2023
Director: Antoine Carlier
Genre: Live Show


German-British musician Anika was a guest on Echoes With Jehnny Beth. Her second album, Change, featured a cool, retro sound.

Anika was first discovered in the early 2010s, thanks to the tracks ‘I Go to Sleep’ (a cover by Ray Davies, a member of The Kinks) and ‘In The City’. With a debut album soberly named Anika, the artist delighted avant-garde aficionados and won the favour of music industry pundits.

Anika’s music instantly transports you to the heart of cold urban landscapes, a fascinating if slightly disturbing setting. Drawing her inspiration from krautrock, post-punk, electro-dub and dream pop, the musician fashions a universe that is both eminently personal and highly referential, where the spectre of the Velvet Underground regularly surfaces.

Eleven years separate Anika and Change, a second album released in 2021. During that time, the Berlin-based musician has been busy, collaborating with the likes of Exploded View, Tricky, BEAK and Shackleton… It was worth the wait: Change has been acclaimed by the critics.

Get caught up in Anika’s haunting melodies at Echoes With Jehnny Beth.

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