Ana Carla Maza Solo

Director: Yvan Schreck
Genre: Live Show


Let yourself be charmed by the Cuban music of Ana Carla Maza, on stage at Jazz à la Villette 2022!

26 years old singer and virtuoso cellist born in Cuba, Ana Carla Maza is a worthy representative of the atmosphere and sounds of Havana. Her latest album “Bahia” is full of references to her island, and more widely to the whole of Latin America. The young artist is inspired by Quechua rhythms and dances from Peru, revisits the Argentine tango and even explores pop and rock. This is what led her to face the Zeniths of France, in 2014, alongside Jean-Louis Aubert.  
From the artistic need of Ana Carla Maza to take risks is born all the charm and complexity of her creations!

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