Director: Fabrice Gerardi
Genre: Live Show


Aye aye cap’n! The Alestorm pirates are going to board the Hellfest. In their treasure chest? Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum, their new album.

Alestorm makes metal music drink the cup! Formerly known as Battleheart, the Scots have been concocting since 2004 an amazing “Bacon Powered Pirate Core”. We have to admit that this amazing mix of folk metal and power metal cooked in a buccaneer way hits the spot. Epic and exhilarating, Alestorm’s songs deal with all the themes dear to piracy. Meaning buccaneers, sea monsters, naval battles, rum and pretty women… Hymns that strike at the heart! An unpretentious music but which gives enough courage to go titillate one or two krakens…

It was during the 2015 edition of Hellfest that we first rubbed shoulders with Alestorm’s greedy metal. We find them seven years later to dive into their latest recordings: No Grave But The Sea (2017), Curse of the Crystal Coconut (2020) and Seventh Rum Of A Seventh Rum (which will be released only one week after this performance).

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