Airelle Besson Quartet – Try!

Year: 2021
Director: Nathan Benisty
Genre: Live Show


In the world of jazz, everyone knows the trumpet player Airelle Besson. A tireless explorer, she multiplies her projects: Quarteto Gardel, duet with Vincent Ségal, arrangements for Metronomy… She chooses the great hall of the Arsenal to present her new album, TRY, which will be released on February 5, 2021. This highly anticipated opus affirms her quartet formation and fully concretizes Airelle’s ambition to make sound with her musical siblings. 
Thought as an extension of Radio One, the creation of the album is collegial. The cohesion of the musicians, impressive and complicit, is the welcome fruit of four years of shared stage. The 11 tracks on the album affirm an identity and a musical color that are immediately recognizable. The sound of Airelle Besson is soft, worked, fleshy. With an assertive, clear, characteristic trumpet timbre.

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