Island : Tribute to Carolyn Carlson

Director: Stéphane Lebard
Genre: Live Show


A unique evening programmed and orchestrated by choreographer and dancer Carolyn Carlson, which will in a way conclude the career of this key figure in contemporary dance. She will close the evening with PROLOGUE. 

– THE SEVEN’TH MAN: creation 2019. Performer: Riccardo Meneghini (Carlson company). Live music: Guillaume Perret, saxophone.
– IT’S ALLRIGHT : creation for 3 dancers of Cannes Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower
– WIND WOMEN : sublime adaptation of the solo for 14 dancers of Cannes Jeune Ballet. 
– MANDALA, creation 2010. Performer : Sara Orselli (Carlson company).
– PROLOGUE in the form of Epilogue : CAROLYN CARLSON herself + Guillaume Perret (live saxophone)

With a hundred pieces to her credit, Carolyn Carlson is to this day the only choreographer to have won a Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, in 2006, for the whole of her work. Founder of the Atelier de Paris-Carolyn Carlson at La Cartoucherie in 1999, she was, from 2004 to 2013, director of the Centre Chorégraphique National Roubaix Nord-Pas de Calais and associate artist at the Théâtre National de Chaillot until 2016.
For the record, the Franco-American choreographer Carolyn Carlson, 77, was elected on December 2, 2020 to the Academy of Fine Arts, joining her colleagues Blanca Li and Angelin Preljocaj, announced the institution, one of the academies comprising the Institute of France. 
“Carolyn Carlson has played a key role in the blossoming of French and Italian contemporary dance with the Groupe de Recherches Théâtrales de l’Opéra de Paris and the Teatrodanza at La Fenice,” the Académie des Beaux-Arts said.

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