Malted Milk

Director: Guillaume Déro
Genre: Live Show


In its current formula, the most fearsome soul band of the continent is a real war machine. Malted Milk recently celebrated 20 years of career in a Stereolux full of overexcited fans.

We can’t help but admire how far the band has come since the days when they were just a very rootsy blues duo. As they have grown, Malted Milk has gradually moved into the territory of Afro-American soul until they have found a perfect alchemy in recent years. The band distinguishes itself from other European groups that hunt on the same grounds by its ability to escape the copy syndrome. By its creativity, it proposes to soul music new horizons while remaining faithful to the original southern imaginary.

100% malted milk full of funk, brassy riffs, guitar flights, nervous bass lines and organ blasts. The collaboration with American singer Toni Green on the project “Milk and Green”, presented at Les Escales in 2015, opened the doors of the biggest European festivals for them! Get ready for the return of the French soul funk blues bomb!

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