The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi and Giovanni Guido

Director: Colin Laurent
Genre: Live Show


We all know “The Four Seasons of Vivaldi”, it is one of the “hits” of classical music.
What if the Antonio Vivaldi’s famous Four Seasons had been preceded by those of Giovanni Antonio Guido, star violinist of Parisian orchestras of the maturity of Louis XIV?
The two works are finally presented in the same program in spite of their differences: the well-known virtuosity of Vivaldi’s work contrasts with the mixture of French good taste and Italian features of Guido’s Seasons.
It is also the first time that the version with strings and winds is filmed.
For this exciting confrontation, the Royal Opera Orchestra will be conducted by the virtuoso Andrès Gabetta, from his 1727 Venetian Pietro Guarneri violin, an exact contemporary of these Eight Seasons!

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