Ifriqiyya Electrique

Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


By placing this evening under the star of the trance, La Fiselerie and Le Plancher affirm their desire to shake up the codes, in an experience to be lived…
IFRIQIYYA is Africa. The three musicians and singers unfold an adoring site* around the shaman Tarek Sultan, future depositary of the musical tradition of Sidi Marzouq (Djerid desert, Tunisia). A guitarist and a bassist, on vocals and computer, are also there. Gianna Greco and François Cambuzat. Alternative figures of the most free artistic push, they gravitate in the sphere of transdisciplinary and trans-Mediterranean projects. They too are involved in the ritual.
In images and on stage, Ifriqiyya moves the audience to the heart of syncretism and trance. In the heritage received from the Tunisian black slaves, which is also that of the Moroccan Gnawa. On the big screen, images of ceremonies create a disconcerting road movie, of bodies that abandon themselves, bewitched by a mystical energy.

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