Zad Moultaka

Year: 2003
Director: Leïla Kilani
Genre: Documentary


Zad Moultaka is the film portrait of a singular composer, one of the bridgeheads of contemporary music of the Middle East. The music of Zad Moultaka is at the cusp of two worlds. Composer and painter, Lebanese and French, Zad Moultaka belongs to the young generation of artists living in the West, makes regular appearances in his country of origin but only conceives his life between the two shores of the Mediterranean… Formed by the rigor of Western musical notation, but intrinsically linked to his Arab roots and the cultural particularity of Arabic music essentially unwritten – orality – he has never ceased to reconcile the musical gesture and the sign of the writing in order to overcome the contingencies of the one and the other. The film follows the composer in two different countries. Reflections and music are linked to compose the rhythmic portrait of a musician from the “global village”.

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