Yann Tiersen

Director: Benoit Toulemonde
Genre: Live Show


“He is a pillar of French music. An outstanding pianist. An artist whose melodies have both accompanied the last two decades and one of the best-known French films of the international public. 
Since his debut and his very first album, La Valse des monstres, released in 1995, Yann Tiersen deploys his talents as an arranger, composer and musician throughout France, the world, and a number of collaborations to make your head spin: Dominique A, Les Têtes Raides, Mathieu Boogaerts, Bertrand Cantat, Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, Shannon Wright, Miossec, Syd Matters, Jane Birkin, Elizabeth Fraser of The Cocteau Twins, Stuart Staples of Tindersticks…
After several collaborative albums, forays into post-rock (Skyline, released in 2011), others with other French musicians (he composed the music for Miossec’s Finistériens in 2008) and other film soundtracks (Good Bye, Lenine!, among others), Yann Tiersen is back today with Eusa, a new album inspired by the island of Ouessan and entirely composed and played alone on the piano. A sublime, minimal and expected return to his roots for the Breton whose solo performances move as much as they captivate. 

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