Véronique Sanson “Les Années Américaines”

Director: François Goetghebeur
Genre: Live Show


“Les Années Américaines” tour ended on January 9, 2016 in a packed Olympia with the 76th concert of a phenomenal sold-out tour!

The setlist was mainly made up of songs from the 5 albums released between 1974 & 1981: Le Maudit (1974), Vancouver (1976), Hollywood (1977), 7ème (1979), Laisse-la vivre (1981)

Véronique Sanson has taken her American spleen to every stage in France with mastery. This live album is the magnificent imprint of the memorable tour of an unmissable artist!

When I think back to those American years, the memories come flooding in.

Tightrope walker between hell and paradise, I lived in this country for 10 years of happiness and suffering, but above all I discovered another way of making music – my music.

I had the opportunity to play with the greatest musicians in the world (thank you Steve), the opportunity to write texts that seemed to come out of the flashes of my pen, melodies that woke me up with a start, brass riffs that I scribbled on little pieces of paper.

All these pieces of music, these pieces of life, these pieces of me, in fact, those that I had managed not to lose, are in the songs of this show.

I am happy to be able to share them with you and to offer you these intense memories.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Véronique Sanson “

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