Uzi Freyja – Hammam Session

Year: 2023
Director: Thomas GrandRemy
Genre: Live Show


Have you always wanted to see a concert in a bathrobe? Then follow the hip-hop duo Uzi Freyja in a session shot in a steam room. Hot in front!

Uzi Freyja is a hip-hop duo combining the talents of singer Kelly Rose and Nantes-based producer Stuntman5. And what a duo!

Together, the three artists release a nervous and biting hip-hop: punchlines in English overlap with a tight flow and productions combining trap, electro and rock. This was enough to catch the eye of the Warriorecords label (Rebekka Warrior’s stable), where Uzi Freyja released his first two EPs: Stand and Lunacy.

We decided to film Uzi Freyja’s already boiling rap in a steam room. There, Kelly Rose swings her committed lyrics with a verve and swag that have nothing to envy the queens of Anglo-Saxon hip-hop. Frankly, it’s enough to make you wince!

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