Ursus Minor rend hommage à Howard Zinn

Director: Jacques Goldstein
Genre: Live Show


“More than a band, Ursus Minor is a basic cell for a permanent home structure. An erudite jazz sponge that absorbs all the genres it rubs shoulders with, from blues to hip-hop, via funk, soul, etc. Ursus Minor invited La Rumeur for a creation in 2008 in Minneapolis.
Howard Zinn was one of the most brilliant American minds of the 20th century. He volunteered in the air force during the Second World War and was disgusted by the bombing of Royan. From then on, he committed himself to radical pacifism, and theorized the use of civil disobedience as a duty.
Historian, political scientist, he distinguished himself in the struggle for civil rights, campaigned for peace in Vietnam with his friend Noam Chomsky, opposed the American conflicts in Iraq…
But his life’s work is the writing of A Popular History of the United States. A unique work, which turns the “official” histories, necessarily written by the victors, on their head. His Popular History of the United States takes into consideration oral traditions, the voices of the Indians, the blacks, the poor… and questions American imperialist impulses.”

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