The Limiñanas

Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Genre: Live Show


At the Route du Rock, The Limiñanas present their album created in collaboration with Laurent Garnier: De Pelicula.

She has incandescent hair, he has a salt-and-pepper beard, both dressed in black: The Limiñanas sweats rock’n’roll through all the pores. Revealed by two songs published as a joke on MySpace, the couple (in real life as well as on stage) is now enthroned in the pantheon of DIY rock.

The Limiñanas illustrate wonderfully the French saying “No one is a prophet in his own country”. The French recognition of the two Perpignanese has indeed long been very confidential. Their success has actually started in the United States. However, the Frenchies have a sense of humor that should tickle the zygomatic of their compatriots. Judging by the titles of some of their songs: “Je ne suis pas très drogue”, “Votre côté yéyé m’emmerde”… The Limiñanas, it is thus a lot of sarcasm put at the service of hirsute and spontaneous compositions which mix cheerfully garage, punk, psychedelic rock…

The Limiñanas released in 2021 a sixth album called De Pelicula. Elaborated with six hands with the mythical producer Laurent Garnier, this new publication mixes with as much genius as elegance rock and electro.

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