The Exploited

Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Genre: Live Show


“Punk is not dead”, the proof: the Scottish punk legends of The Exploited are making a comeback at Hellfest!

Like GBH and Discharge, the dirty kids of The Exploited started their band during the second golden age of punk. In more than forty years of career, the band of the indestructible Wattie Buchan has risen to the firmament of punk, becoming a real marker of the genre with their crests, rangers, studded leather jackets … and the title of their famous first album of course: Punk’s Not Dead.

Always very angry, the members of The Exploited release a punk music under anabolic drugs: as if the hardcore was not noisy enough, the clique adds a good dose of thrash. In short, the compositions of the Scots are not softies and it is for the better! They indeed enhance the radical and committed lyrics. Proudly anarchist, Wattie Buchan and his bandmates won’t let the system win.

Fans of The Exploited have been waiting since 2003 for the release of a new album that would take over from Fuck the System. A small concert at Hellfest to wait!

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