The Blessed Madonna b2b Haai

Year: 2023
Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


The Blessed Madonna and HAAi take Nuits Sonores by storm in a high-flying back-to-back! A meeting of two worlds that shakes up the Sucre esplanade.

The Blessed Madonna combines techno music and feminism. Active since the late 90s, the DJ is now one of the heavyweights of the Chicago electro scene… and given the impressive number of night owls originating from this part of the world, that’s saying something about the producer’s talent. The Blessed Madonna uses this status to radiate an ideal as inclusive as it is festive, all carried by a style combining disco, house and techno.

Before responding to the sirens of electro, HAAi was a singer in a psychedelic rock band. It was a trip to Berlin, and in particular a stint at the Berghain, that brought about this radical change of register. Now on the other side of the turntables, the Australian has developed her own highly personal universe, blending house, disco, techno and African and Oriental influences.

Together, The Blessed Madonna and HAAi bring the twentieth edition of Nuits Sonores to a fitting close. Go girls!

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