Director: Stéphane Aubé
Genre: Live Show


The hero, Tannhäuser, is retained by Venus goddess of love on the mount that bears her name. Tired, he freed himself of her sensual grip and met a group of horsemen counting in his workforce the uncle of the young and chaste Elisabeth. Tannhäuser is invited to participate in a singing competition but he lets himself boast of the delights of carnal love. This is not at all the taste of his audience. The imprudent avoids a little the lynching thanks to Elisabeth who takes his defense. The popular decision is taken: the crowd will grant him his forgiveness only when he obtains that of the Pope. The Holy Father refuses, and only Elizabeth renounces to turn away from him. She continues to pray for the salvation of his soul. Will she go as far as the ultimate sacrifice?

“Tannhäuser” is a complex work, caught between opposing ideals. It highlights conflicts and inner strife: the flesh or the spirit? The divine or the terrestrial? Damnation or redemption?

The only French version in the world, created by Wagner in Paris in 1861 and never recreated since until now.

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