Year: 2023
Director: Samuel Petit
Genre: Live Show


Beware, the French hardcore hip-hop band Svinkels is back at Hellfest 2023! And if the most conservative punks don’t like it – sweet irony – the Warzone should once again be headbanging to French rap.

Purists rest assured, however, that while the band, made up of Gerard Baste, Nikus Pokus, DJ Pone and co. favor the oversized T-shirt/baseball cap combo over the traditional perfecto/headpiece, they are no strangers to the world of punk.

In addition to their single “Réveille le Punk” and their name, taken from a cheap beer particularly popular with the kepons, the band has not hesitated to encroach on the metal and punk scene with the various collaborations – with Enhancer and Parabellum, for example – that punctuate their first three albums.

While Svinkels’ discography has been at a standstill since the release of Dirty Centre in 2008, the band are back in stores with Rechute, due out in 2021.

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