Year: 2023
Director: Fabien Raymond
Genre: Live Show


There are many ways to talk about the influence of this collective born from the meeting of a handful of students from the University of North Texas. We could sum it up to the fact that no young group today can claim to have never heard of them, and that many even consider their music to be a major reference. Since its formation in 2004, Snarky Puppy has continued to gain in importance, popularizing festive and exciting music, demanding, but always accessible, which has largely contributed to restoring the image of instrumental jazz without depriving itself of integrating all music capable of making their audience dance and dream. The group’s leader and bassist, Michael League, brought together a large ensemble of musicians from all walks of life, many of whom, a sign of an essential group of their time, have in turn become stars of 21st century jazz. Above all, Snarky Puppy, over the course of an ever-growing discography, has established itself thanks to a repertoire of contagious melodies and irresistible grooves which, whether you are a lifelong fan or are just discovering them, make everyone concert a great moment of collective jubilation. Their latest album, Empire Central, has once again proven how this group, almost two decades after its debut, remains a pillar of the music of its time.

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