Simo Cell

Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


Appreciated for his protean style, going from drum’n’bass to trap, through techno and experimental music, Simo Cell is probably the most British of the Nantes producers.

In 2018, he collaborates with Egyptian poet Abdullah Miniawy to hatch “Kill Me Or Negotiate” after two years of intense work. Through six compelling tracks, they content the journey of a man on his way to an unknown destination. The bewitching poetry of the singer undulates on hypnotic productions, which mix with grace hip-hop, bass music and hoodoo voice. Fascinating variations of this opus, which reflect the commitments of each: one for freedom of expression and the other for the planet.

At Nuits Sonores, the producer unveils the haunting tracks from his new mini album ‘YES.DJ’ which is released in September on his label TemeT Music.

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