Schmyt Eurosonic

Year: 2023
Director: Sami Battikh
Genre: Live Show


Schmyt is the rising star of German pop. The artist is defending his first album Universum Regelt on the Eurosonic festival stage.

Schmyt first made his mark in the Berlin band Rakede. In 2020, the break-up of the band pushed him to embark on a solo career… and what a stroke of luck! In just a few songs, Schmyt was favoured by a major international label, which put him in the spotlight.

Schmyt’s music combines pop, electro and hip-hop. The music is underpinned by melancholic lyrics in which the artist deals with both personal and social issues. This very eclectic style leads Schmyt to work with artists from all walks of life. The German has already collaborated with numerous personalities from across the Rhine: Till Lindeman (leader of Rammstein), Peter Fox (from the group Seeed), the rappers Tua and Rin…

Schmyt’s first album was released in 2022. Check out some tracks from this very promising Universum Regelt at the Eurosonic festival!

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