Saul Williams & Mike Ladd

Director: Samuel Thiebaut
Genre: Live Show


Saul Williams is a poet, a singer, and an actor, which is to say that he uses (sharpens) the word above all, sometimes written (sharpened) in the form of a poem, sometimes spoken (sharpened) in the form of a song, sometimes declaimed (sharpened) in the form of a lyric, to pin down all that it is possible to be, a man on the lookout. Saul Williams is not the conventional black victim of a dishonest society (he even studied philosophy and dramatic arts), but he has measured all the lies and all the traps, attacking what hides the latest armed conflicts, the security madness and the instrumentalization of fear under the pretext of an all-out war against terrorism… Attacking everything that prevents us from becoming human again.

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