Rone L(oo)ping (raw caption)

Year: 2022
Director: Louise Narboni
Genre: Live Show


With L(oo)ping, Rone takes us on an experience like no other. This extraordinary project, directed by Louise Narboni, works with the Orchestre National de Lyon and nine dancers. L(oo)ping is a unique film-object that combines electronics, dance, symphonic music and many other surprises.

Based on footage of a concert by electro composer Rone, performed in December 2022 with the Orchestre National de Lyon, the viewer of L(oo)ping escapes into the impressionist worlds dreamt up by five choreographers, all of whom witnessed the performance: an usherette, a spectator, a technician and a musician.

Thus begins an astonishing journey between the reality of the concert and a parallel universe sublimated by dance, in which dancers Fanny Sage, Mehdi Baki, Léa Dubois, Laura Bachman, Jakub Truszkowski, Margot Guiguet, Benjamin Charpentier, Swali Mazzagio and Éléna Lecoq take part.

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