Rebecca Tong Directs the Orchestre de Paris & Sabine Devieilhe

Year: 2020
Director: Adeline Chahin
Genre: Live Show


Can be paired with the female directors competition LA MAESTRA.

Program :
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Oboe Concerto
Gustav Mahler – Symphony No. 4

In September 2020, Rebecca Tong, American-Indonesian conductor, won the first prize in the La Maestra competition for female conductors. Today, Rebecca Tong is back at the helm of the Orchestre de Paris!

For the first part of this concert, Rebecca Tong and the Orchestre de Paris are joined by Alexandre Gattet. Together, they perform Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Oboe Concerto. An emblematic work of the oboe repertoire, this is the only concerto Mozart dedicated to this instrument. It was premiered in 1777 by Giuseppe Ferlendis, musician at the Salzburg Royal Chapel.

The second part of the evening is dedicated to Mahler, whose Fourth Symphony the Orchestre de Paris performs. In radical contrast to its predecessors, this simple score allows Malher to express his fascination for nature. To carry the angelic lied that concludes this work, Rebecca Tong calls upon the soprano Sabine Devieilhe. We could not have dreamed of a better performance.


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