Raphaël Imbert

Year: 2016
Genre: Live Show

“Music is my Home” is inspired by a trip Raphaël Imbert made through the Deep South of the United States of America. In the field, the saxophonist met many bluesmen and traffickers of sounds and meanings, who stayed close to what revolutionized music in the 20th century. Unexpectedly, while the dialogue between improvisation and contemporary scholarly languages, rock or electro, covers all the others, Raphaël Imbert raises a question. What do we do with the blues? To answer it in a Mingusian way, he invited two bluesmen he met during his journey, Alabama Slim and Big Ron Hunter. They bring us the indispensable message of the blues people. Their engaging voices and elegant casualness address all of life’s problems and mysteries. The blues? It would be this quality of presence, burning under the ashes of the songs.

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