Year: 2023
Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Genre: Live Show


Led by Matthew Greywolf and Charles Greywolf, Powerwolf unleash their heartfelt, mystical power metal. The five Germans’ raging riffs rub shoulders with organic-sounding synths and lyrics haunted by vampires and lycanthropes. It’s a richly layered universe that informs the band’s imagery (music videos, album covers, stage costumes…). Greywolf’s music differs from the canons of power metal: the quintet prefers darkness and ceremony to bawdy inspiration.

For several years now, Powerwolf has enjoyed a solid reputation, both in the studio and live. It’s a reputation earned by their consistent songwriting and highly entertaining live shows. Some critics even see Powerwolf as the future of heavy metal.

The anticipation surrounding Powerwalf’s appearance at Hellfest has not belied this reputation! Many of the metalheads in attendance will be thrilled by the sound of the band’s discography, and in particular their brand-new album, Interludium.

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