Piers Faccini

Director: Jeremiah
Genre: Live Show


If there is one musician who embodies the word “cosmopolitan”, it is Piers Faccini. Born of an Italian father and an English mother, the singer trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, made his debut with the group Charley Marlowe in London before travelling to the four corners of the planet to record his compositions. Far from being confined to the man’s biography, this taste for elsewhere also permeates his folk music, which builds bridges between continents, drawing on Delta blues as well as Raï, Balkan sounds and traditional Malian music. After a series of equally varied collaborations – Patrick Watson, Rokia Traoré, Camille, among others – Piers Faccini has retreated to his Provencal home to record and produce My Wilderness alone. And although Ibrahim Maalouf’s trumpet and Vincent Ségal’s cello make an appearance, it is as a solo artist that he will perform on the Cosmo Jazz stage.

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