Pete Doherty & Frederic Lo “The Fantasy Life Of Poetry & Crime”

Director: Thierry Villeneuve
Genre: Live Show


Discover the very first concert of Peter Doherty and Frédéric Lo. An intimate moment recorded in Etretat, France in the house where their album “The Fantasy Life of Poetry and Crime” was written and composed.

The first is Peter Doherty, British, flamboyant creator of The Libertines and The Babyshambles. The second is Fréderic Lo, French, architect of Daniel Darc’s great comeback in the early 2000s, among other projects.

The two men met during a studio recording of the Babyshambles before meeting again on a tribute album to Daniel Darc, led by Fréderic Lo. Strengthened by this first collaboration, the two artists decided to launch a four-handed project. Thus was born The Fantasy Life of Poetry and Crime, an album with melodies and music by Fréderic Lo and lyrics by Peter Doherty.

It is in Etretat, in the studio house where The Fantasy Life of Poetry and Crime was born, that we find Peter Doherty and Frederic Lo. There, the two men take us on a stroll through the different rooms of this 19th century mansion to make us discover the twelve songs they created together.

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