Peirani / Parisien

Director: Josselin Carré
Genre: Live Show


“These two endearing characters, with their joy and simplicity both on and off stage, form a true jazz couple, the likes of which are seen every 10 years. Vincent Peirani, the accordionist, plays barefoot while Emile Parisien on the alto saxophone twirls and jumps, often standing on his toes like a boxer. Vincent Peirani happily navigates between classical, contemporary and jazz music, a discipline he discovered late in life when he moved to Paris at the age of 20, while Émile Parisien remains a “pure product” of the Marciac school of improvisation. 
 Their first album, “Belle époque” released in 2014 by Act Music, pays tribute to the first steps of jazz. Swing, musette, improvisation and waltzes mark out this conversation between tradition and modernity. From this poetic repertoire was born the desire to transpose each musical atmosphere in an appropriate place. A first place that calls for celebration, for communion. What could be more natural then to turn to the architectural wealth of Paris. Shooting in the greenhouses or the Aquarium brings a more sensual relationship to the music and exhales the sensations of the spectator in his relationship to the material, whether it is vegetal, marine or metallic. To this poetic breath, bewitching, we will impose poetic, surprising, festive, complex, irruptive images. A beautiful day that we propose to you in beautiful company.”

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