Pantheros666 & Ines Alpha

Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


Combining music, visual arts and technology: this is the philosophy of Panteros666 and Ines Alpha. At the head of the label Panteros Media Galaxy, the ex-member of Club Cheval invites us to discover a strange universe made of virtual realities and electronic layers. A small glimpse at the Palais Brongniart, during the INASOUND festival. The label Panteros Media Galaxy seeks to create more than music: for the producer Panteros666 and the graphic designer Ines Alpha indeed, each track must be accompanied by a 360° or virtual reality experience. Thus, the two acolytes build for each of their release a virtual club, a separate interactive device. With them, trance, hard techno, gabber and even eurodance become total art. All in a hallucinated and frankly retro futuristic aesthetic. Tonight, the Palais Brongniart turns into a spaceship: the Hyperalliance.

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