Director: Sébastien Bergé
Genre: Live Show


Between the career of techno producer and that of mad scientist, NSDOS made the choice… not to make a choice. For this artist, the music is indeed a story of tinkering, fiddling and strange experiments. The fruit of his research? A techno as intriguing as hypnotic. NSDOS is a producer of electronic music but not only: this adept of the transdisciplinary is also a dancer (it is besides his original training), a performer and a model.

With this atypical background, Kirikoo Des is at the crossroads between image and sound, body and brain. To create his music, NSDOS produces sounds thanks to DIY and recycling (old Game Boy, fiddling with machines). He counterbalances this very mechanical aspect by recording the living: trees, insects and earthworms in particular. A return to the organic to which are added sounds created thanks to light and wind (yes, you read correctly). NSDOS released last year the second volume of the Intuition project. An album recorded in the wild landscapes of Alaska, a real sound breeding ground for our man.

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