Nadja Zela & Band

Director: Carine Zuber
Genre: Live Show


Zela is an indispensable voice of the independent rock scene in Switzerland and enjoyed a rather long and remarkable career with many years on the road. From her all-girl band Rosebud in the early 90s to her current solo project, she has remained true to herself as a frontwoman with an unbound spirit. She is a captivating vocalist, independent songwriter, and an electric guitarist with a distinctive angry while bewitching style.
Her music flirts with the warm sensuality of the blues, but she leads her brute folk into cinematic sound spheres that undermine any emerging nostalgia. Her voice shakes, then gives unexpectedly gentle comfort again. Zela’s writing draws noticeably from personal experience, but she finds a true, lyrical expression of our existence’s brokenness and fragility in times of decay.

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