Nada Surf

Director: David Ctiborsky
Genre: Live Show


Like a marathon, a musical career sees two opposing schools: the supporters of the sprint and those, less flamboyant, aiming on the length. Simply – thank you Celine Dion – when the first end by crawling, the second jump over them.

Representatives of the second category, the Nada Surf New Yorkers are part of this wave of post-Nirvana groups that featured in American teen movie soundtracks. Only, despite the huge success of their first single Popular in 1996, the band declined to become a hit machine. With reason, since it’s crowned by an unspoilt credibility that the band releases their 8th album: You Know Who You Are.

A new album carried by a new guitarist that the band of Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca presents to a French public that they are particularly fond of having lived in France. And the ARTE Concert Festival to be the intermediary of this reunion at the Gaîté Lyrique.

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